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SurfSky Ltd

SurfSky Ltd provides services for surfin' to the sky without being tracked.
End users can use this service free for trial or fast, reliable, and secure at premium rates.
We provide mixes for JonDonym services in several European countries.

For more information on surfing anonymous see
SurfSky is the only mix provider where even citizenship and location of the director are different and both are different from company location and location of any of our mixes.


To surf the internet untrackable and anonymous use ip changer JonDo in conjunction with the JonDonym anonymous proxy servers.
If in doubt what it can do for you, do the free trial and check how your activities can be tracked with and without anonymity wall.

What sites can track on your visit (your [!!] data):
IP check

Contact and legal information:

Name & Registered Office:
W8 4DB
Company No. 06002547

Telephone: 0207 1938609
Cell: 07983641246
Email: admin [ at ] (preferred, pls schedule tel. calls)

We are located at:

SurfSky Ltd


Kensigton Church Street


W8 4DB

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If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:


+44 207 1938609 +44 207 1938609

admin [ at ]


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